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Karuna and her views on single-use plastic

Updated: Apr 26

1) How much single-use plastic do you think you use each week?

"I don't use any single use plastic every week."

2) Would you consider yourself as "Sustainable"?

"I don't consider myself sustainable. I still drive a car twice a week that is diesel and damages the environment. I still buy products every week that come in plastic such as pasta, rice and oat milk. I keep buying clothes every year for me and my children. I have 2 children who eat meat, fish and dairy in the dining room which is not sustainable for the planet. I still use a computer and phone every day that don't seem like sustainable products to me. But I try to be sustainable every day. Our electricity is 100% renewable.

3) Do you think you can make a difference with the single use plastic situation? And how?

We are vegan at home (that cuts down a lot on plastic), I make my own toothpaste, only use vinegar and water for cleaning, buy as much as I can in bulk, use the bidet instead of toilet paper, use cloth pads, try to buy from small stores and products from Spain, have a small vegetable garden, buy vegan shoes and clothes, and every day I learn new ways to be more Zero Waste. I educate my children to appreciate saving more for experiences than for buying plastic toys. We don't waste water. I ask my friends and family not to give plastic or bacteria toys to my children. Most of our clothes are second hand. We enjoy and appreciate nature every day."

4) Have you heard about the Balearic ban towards single use plastic, and what do you think they could further change and improve?

I had heard about the Balearic ban on single-use plastic, but I didn't realise that the law was passed last month. I think they should continue to analyse what is most harmful to the Mediterranean Sea and continue to educate people. I know that private boats also throw a lot of plastic into the sea and they also find a lot of plastic bottles.

5) And what would be your own personal future goal towards reducing the everyday plastic usage?

When I shop on the internet I try hard to find food or cream that does not come in plastic.

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