• Carlota Fens

Gordon and his view on single-use plastic

Updated: Apr 25

1) How much single use plastic do you believe you use every week ?

Too much. especially with our shopping. Everything comes packed in plastic - although we do try buy as much local goods, ecological foods as possible to minimise the needs for this excessive packaging.

We have changed to local mineral water suplied in reusable glass bottles instead of the original plastic ones.

2) Would you consider yourself as "Sustainable"?

I wish we were already sustainable but unfortunately we are nowhere near yet. We are definitely changing our habits as we are becoming more and more aware and there are now relatively easy alternative solutions to avoid having to revert to the use of these plastics.

3) Do you think you can make a difference with the single use plastic situation ? and how?

Absolutely we all need to make an effort as otherwise nothing will ever happen and wherever this has been heading till now is not painting a happy end. We are consciously changing to products without plastics, use reclycled plastics if absolutely no other option like paper, cartons or wooden alternatives. Whenever no longer useable we deposit them in the yellow containers for being recycled.

We love sailing around the mediterranean and we have noticed more and more plastic waste over the years which is very sad to see. accordingly every time we are sailing and we see anything we collect it, if we are in a Cala and we see waste floating around the boat we collect it as well and then when we go home take it to the ´punt ver´ for recycling.

4) Have you heard about the Balearic ban towards single use plastic, and what do you think they could further change and improve ?

Yes we had heard and believe this has now already become law. This should really have have been done much earlier. Also the Balearics are trying to ban diesel cars within the next few years which is also a great initiative. The Government should promote more local, ecological products to avoid them having to be packed so excessively and being shipped or flown in. we would be helping the environment and the local economy.

5) And what would be your own personal future goal towards reducing the everyday plastic usage?

Continue to cut any products that come excessively packed in plastic. for example go to the butcher and get the meats etc in our own recipients rather than already prepackaged. Use natural alternatives to the original plastic options. Continue to pick up and collect any waste we see. We live in a beautiful and privileged environment and we need to do everything to protect it.

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