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Bianca and her view on single-use plastic

Updated: Apr 24

1) How much single use plastic do you believe you use every week ? My simple answer to this is too much! Single use plastic is everywhere and hard to escape. It’s a cheap product for manufacturers to use as packaging and there are no incentives for them to change. While I make as many changes as I can, I believe that there needs to be more rewards for businesses who choose more sustainable packaging. Companies that do this now are likely to be the trusted brands of the future if they can get it right.

On an ideological note, businesses are there to make money and show a profit, our current economic model of continuous economic growth and bigger and better financial returns for shareholders is a massive obstacle to things changing.

2) Would you consider yourself as "Sustainable”? I think saying that I was sustainable would be very difficult. I make as many changes as I can to make sustainable choices, however to say I was entirely sustainable would be a lie. It's a lofty goal and every change leads further towards it.

3) Do you think you can make a difference with the single use plastic situation ? and how? I assume by this you mean me as an individual consumer? I believe in the power of a bigger impact by many people making many small changes. If we all refused a plastic straw there would be no market to manufacture them. If everyone refused a plastic bag, there would be no money in continuing to sell them. One individual does not always have the power to make massive change, but many people working together to the same end have a huge power. If we all made more conscious decisions about what we purchased then massive change can happen.

4) Have you heard about the Balearic ban towards single use plastic, and what do you think they could further change and improve ? Yes and I fully support the idea of a ban on single use plastics. I think it's a step in the right direction - although I would have loved to have seen Spain as a whole make this ban enforceable rather than just our small region. I am very interested to see how strongly the ban is enforced and what penalties there will be for those that flout the new rules.

5) And what would be your own personal future goal towards reducing the everyday plastic usage? I'm always looking for ways to reduce my plastic use - if I have a choice between two products and one is in plastic and the other is in, say, glass, I will always choose the glass option. There are some really great options now. My goal this year is to find a really good shampoo and conditioner bar that my hair likes and move away from the plastic bottles. Every change has it's impact, but I do believe that every change an individual or family makes needs to be sustainable for them - there is no point in a one time change.

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