Who are we?

We are three girls who want to see a change and make people reflect on the negative impact of plastic. Our goal is to make people aware of reducing their plastic consumption - straws, plastic bottles, plastic bags, toothbrushes... and to raise awareness on how bad it is for the environment. Zero Waste is just the start of a project that will massively help our Mediterranean Sea and lands, and with support and dedication we will achieve our goal: to reduce single-use plastic consumption in the Med.


 Carlota Fens 

" Hi, I'm Carlota and I'm very passionate towards our single-use plastic situation in the Med since a very young age. Im very excited to hopefully make a positive change here on where I like to call home."

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Victoria Payeras

"Hi, I'm Victoria and I am very exited for this project. I am from Mallorca and I believe that single-use plastic is a big problem on the Balearic Islands so I am very honoured and excited to take part in this project."

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Maiara - Lyn

"Hi, my name is Maiara and I've grown up in the island. I feel very strongly about the current pollution in the Balearic Islands and I feel very motivated to change it. I hope what we are doing will help spread awareness and take a step forward in solving the problem."