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The Zero Waste Project strives to accomplish the dream of making the Mediterranean plastic-free and making the plastic consumption a low percentage. To make the Zero Waste Project as contaminant free as possible, we have worked together with businesses to provide a bigger and more professional contribution. Our goal is to make and promote recyclable alternatives to the single-use plastic that everyone is guilty of using. To start our fight against plastic we jumpstarted our project by staying small and local, like this we will make small changes that will have a greater future impact. By doing this we are confident we will better the environment and will have a positive impact on our beloved island.


Between 21% and 54%

Of all global micro plastics are found in the Mediterranean Sea!

500.000 Million

500.000 million tones of macroplyastics enter the Med every year!

 150 Million tons 

Single-use plastics are produced in Europe every year!

Trash on Beach

The Current Situation

Here at Zero Waste, we want to be a catalyst for positive change, currently the plastic situation isn't at its best and the numbers are abnormally large.


The Three R's

Meaningful Work. Making A Change.


The change starts with the initiative, the want to make a change. We here in Zero Waste give you the tools, and you start by refusing plastic. Although it may seem hard, seeing as plastic now a days is everywhere around us, you can still make a change. We understand there are some things that seem inconvenient but by simply refusing to use more than you need, you are already helping us in making this change.

Paper Waste
Citrus Fruits


With our mission, the next step of the three crucial R's is to reduce the amount of plastic we use in our everyday lives. To reduce is to better, by using alternatives to plastic: avoid excess packaging, choose cardboard over plastic if you can, switch your toothbrush from plastic to fiber, use textile bags... There are many ways to make sure you reduce plastic waste, but most of all be conscious of what you do.


This is one of the most important ones, to reuse the used plastic is extremely important. To completely cut off plastic from your daily life is close to impossible but by reusing instead of contaminating is a huge change. By reusing bags, plastic bottles and containers and looking for creative ways to not use more plastic than necessary is crucial in this change.

Recycled Cardboard


Here we have a video further explaining our current situation and what we are aiming to do,  Zero Waste has alot planned for the future but we need your help to achieve that 0%


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